Blackfort Adolescent Gestalt Institute

Blackfort Adolescent Gestalt Institute, based in Ireland, is an international study and research centre which offers professional training and consultation in the area of adolescent development and psychotherapy from a Gestalt Relational perspective.

“There is an ordinariness to the relationship, the dialogue, the learning, that conceals the power of the enterprise. When we look back over our own developmental journeys through adolescence and identify what we received from the adult world that helped us get through (or what was missing that would have made a difference), we nearly always discover something simple and largely unintentional, but, by the same token, something profoundly human and reassuring. Some senior member of the tribe stopped and took us in, got interested in us, and thereby got us interested in ourselves, in ways we had not quite expected. Someone sought us out, found us wandering and alone, took us by the hand (however momentarily), and led us to the light.”

Mark McConville